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Brighten Up Your Loved One’s Day with These Easy Home Makeovers

Brighten Up Your Loved One’s Day with These Easy Home Makeovers
Whenever you get the chance to check up on your senior loved one at their place, check if they need a little sprucing up to make their home come lively and bright again. You can make full use of our Home Care Services with the help of some good housekeeping and tidying from our caregivers because with us, you can avoid any cleaning hazards that might put your seniors at risk.

Keep them safe and let them take it easy. Here are some easy ways to help brighten up your senior’s day at home:

  • Have Fresh Linens
    Nothing feels better than sleeping in fresh linens and seeing new curtains because these cloths are potential dust mite carriers, along with other allergens that could find their way along the fibers. So have fresh linens, draperies or curtains and other decorative fabrics for tabletops and mantles. It may not have any theme but to have them changed out every now and then can add to the liveliness and sanitation within your senior’s home.
  • Let The Sunshine In
    Apart from changing out the linens and the drapery, you can also open the windows for the cool breeze to circulate through the house and to let some sunshine in. Having a bright home is good for one’s well-being since it can make you feel more productive to start your day. You can even ask our providers of Non-Medical Home Care in Winter Haven FL to have your senior loved one take the time to feel the early morning sunshine on their skin because once our skin gets exposed to sunlight, it stimulates the production of vitamin D on our skin, making it beneficial for our bodies.
  • Add Plants Or Flowers

    To give their homes with even more good energy, add some indoor plants that will help purify indoor air, as it tends to get dusty and polluted due to solvents and chemicals that evaporate into the air and get trapped within our homes. Houseplants and flowers like:

    • Peace Lily
    • Garden Mum
    • Snake Plant
    • Bamboo Plant
    • Spider Plants

With Compassion Home Care, you can always arrange minor housekeeping tasks with our caregivers so you can ensure a peaceful and healthy home for your loved ones all the time.

How do you brighten up your senior’s day at home? Let us know in the comment section below!

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