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Prevent Foot Pains with the Right Footwear for Your Seniors

Prevent Foot Pains with the Right Footwear for Your Seniors

We often complain about back pains and knee pains, not knowing that these are often caused by our footwear, and repeatedly used over time, it can even result to feet deformities since our feet will be forced to take the shape of our footwear causing bunions, callouses and a whole myriad of feet problems. Avoid this from happening to your senior and allow them to wear comfortable and functional footwear that will help them get through the day without any pain.

Should your senior loved one have trouble bending over to put on their footwear, our Non-Medical Home Care in Winter Haven, FL can easily help them get dressed to start their day for whatever the day has in store for them.

Here are some ideal footwear suggestions that will help give comfort to senior’s feet and posture:

  • Soft House Shoes
    If they have no activities lined-up for Companionship Care in Florida, at home, soft house shoes will help give them a soft sole to step on, on top of wearing socks, whichever they prefer. Depending on the material as well, house shoes may or may not easily wear out, but the soft lining on the sole may give-in to the weight of the wearer, so this should be an identifier to have the footwear changed to avoid developing bunions or callouses on the soles of their feet.
  • Rubber Shoes With Comfort Pads
    For days when they have a doctor’s appointment, you can have them wear rubber shoes with comfort pads that will help soften each step to make the landing less painful, especially when they have to climb up a few steps along the way. Thick socks can also help when they are wearing rubber shoes to avoid any chafing around the ankles. Socks can also help in sweat absorption too, so that their feet and shoes will not feel so sweaty throughout the trip and it would also help to check if they are using rubber shoes that have enough wiggle room for the toes and is tied loosely yet tightly enough for blood circulation.

Whichever shoe they are comfortable with, just make sure they do not have holes or have worn-out bottoms as this can compromise the health of their feet. Another reason to “why check their shoes” is to know whether or not they have skid-resistant pairs that will prevent them from slipping immediately from wet or slippery surfaces.

Want to know more how Compassion Home Care can keep your seniors staying happy and healthy at home? Send us a message and we will tell you how you can get started with your care, too!

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