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Types of Home Care Services You Can Get for Your Senior Loved Ones

Types of Home Care Services You Can Get for Your Senior Loved Ones
You may find yourself in a debate with your family about how to take care of your elderly loved ones. You or they may feel the need to place your beloved senior in a shared residential facility. And although the idea of employing home care services instead may be brought up, you may be unsure about it, not knowing the full scope of what in-home care has to offer.

Before deciding on anything, consider first the circumstances surrounding your elderly loved ones, and their particular needs in day-to-day life. Knowing these, and mentally taking note of the many kinds of in-home care services available, will help you decide for sure what the best option for your elderly will be.

  • Personal Care
    Personal care services would include daily personal tasks such as bathing, grooming and hygiene, dressing, toileting, and mobility assistance. For tasks such as these, care providers are trained and well-equipped to properly handle and assist your senior loved ones.
  • Household Care
    Caregivers are highly trained and equipped not only to provide personal care, but also to help with light household works. This way, your senior loved ones will still be able to maintain a level of independence while not being at risk for accidents resulting in injury.
  • 24-Hour Live-in Care
    If your senior loved one has an illness, or just needing regular monitoring every once in a while, then a 24-hour live-in care provider will be just what they need. From monitoring your senior loved one’s condition, coordinating and managing activities of daily living, and of course, personal and household care, these care providers will make sure that your loved ones are safe, healthy, and comfortable.
  • Companionship Care
    Of course, the life for the elderly isn’t only about maintaining a proper diet and taking the right medication before going to bed. Entertaining activities, engaging conversations, hobbies, and interests are what will keep your senior loved ones happy. For that, a companion will be what they would need to not only lend a helping hand, but also be a listening ear, and a play buddy.

All of the aforementioned home care services are what Compassion Home Care can offer—and more. We are a team of dedicated, compassionate, and well-trained care providers who aim to give the best non-medical home care in Winter Haven FL. Your elderly loved ones do not need to leave the comfort and safety of their own homes just to get the proper care, help, and assistance they need. We personalize our services to suit their needs and lifestyle.

So if you have decided to make the informed decision on opting for in-home care for your elderly loved ones, set an appointment with us today.

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