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Which Medication Reminder Is the Smartest?

Which Medication Reminder Is the Smartest

Missing to take a medicine – doesn’t that sound familiar? Even to us with still good memory, we accidentally skip our vitamins before heading to school, work, and other errands at home. Imagine how it’s like when you’re old and forgetful. Add in the more crucial role, medications play in the lives of elderly people. Because of this gap, various medication reminder techniques have been devised which range from simple note-taking to mobile alarms. Below are only a few that have worked in many people over the years:

  • Stick it so you see it. We remember what we frequently see. This is why sticking notes in areas in the home that are often met by the eye can be an effective way to remind you about meds time.
  • Make the schedule be known to everyone in the household. Through this, there will be more people who will remind the patient to take his/her medicine. More heads working together could equal any advance reminder tool any day.
  • Establish a routine. Help your loved one make a ritual especially in the morning and at night. Include medication into this routine. Studies show that if you do something for 21 consecutive days, it becomes a habit. By then, medicating becomes part of the body’s rhythm that you simply do what needs to be done without putting so much thought into. This is very idealistic but hey, it is possible!
  • Hire a personal provider of home care services, someone who monitors your loved one’s intakes day in and day out. Care providers are focused on ensuring that patients are eating right, sleeping well, feeling comfortable, and adhering to their doctor’s orders and prescriptions. This includes popping the pill as scheduled daily. They have a system of keeping all these in check, so you can be confident that your loved one is veered away from the jeopardy of missing a medication.

The consequences of skipping medicine stretch farther than complicating the patient’s medical condition. It also includes the cost of damage control when things go out of hand. At Compassion Home Care, these are the things we prevent from happening. We dedicate our hours to ensuring that the quality of our clients’ lives at home is high and that their families are at peace and satisfied on how their loved one is being cared for. If you have other inquiries especially about non-medical home care in Winter Haven FL, call our office at 863-845-2268.

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